With over 20 years of experience in the woodworking trade in New Hampshire, our specialty is handcrafted custom made Adirondack chairs and furniture.  We use only 1" thick mahogany and other durable hardwoods in our Adirondack furniture because it offers timeless beauty and lasting quality.  In need of some new Adirondack chairs or furniture for your deck, dock, patio, porch or special outdoor place and want a custom made product that looks great and lasts? Look no further!

Customized Approach

Since 1998, Kendley Woodworking has been designing and building 100% hand crafted Adirondack chairs and outdoor furniture one piece at a time. While our process takes a bit more time, it results in custom made furniture, which is designed to be beautiful, comfortable and lasting.  Each of our products can be tailored to meet our customer’s special requests to ensure they get a one-of-a-kind piece that enhances their special outdoor setting.

Superior Materials

Each piece of Adirondack outdoor furniture we build is crafted using only one-inch thick Mahogany or other durable hardwoods based on what the customer wants.  We use these hardwoods for their beauty, strength and enduring qualities, but also offer other options. Just ask!

Durable Craftsmanship

Weather is the enemy of outdoor wooden furniture-especially the sun and rain. That's why we use stainless steel screws and bolts as well as waterproof glue in the construction of each piece of Adirondack furniture we build. We don't stop there-we also use hardwood plugs (sanded flush) to cover each screw hole to give the furniture a finished, seamless look. We also apply epoxy glue to each leg that touches the ground to eliminate the “wicking” of water up into each leg.   

Finished to Perfection

Our mahogany furniture may be left natural (unfinished), stained with a quality penetrating oil stain or painted with latex paint depending how the customer wants it.  Unfinished mahogany will weather over time to a silver-gray color while two coats of oil stain help to seal and protect the beauty of the furniture and reduce the weathered silver-gray look.